Welcome to International Circuits!

Our mission is the creation of a printed circuit board design that will work out of the box the first time you populate it with components. We can take your notes, datasheets, and ideas and work with you to draw a schematic that anyone can follow that will generate a bill of materials to your specifications. Parts will be placed onto a correctly sized board outline that will fit properly into your enclosure.

Your circuits will be routed manually (NO Auto-Routers here) using as few layers as possible utilizing appropriate trace / space widths to keep your board production costs down. Your routed board will then be subjected to a rigorous design rule check and then be manually "redlined" against your schematic to ensure that what is on the schematic is the circuit you will get on your board.

Finally, you will receive a complete set of standard Gerber photoplot files, Excellon N/C drill files and fabrication notes that are totally portable and can be sent to any PC board fabrication house world wide. Included will be documents illustrating each layer of your board with a parts placement drawing, a bill of materials, and a 3D rendering of your design that can be manipulated in free space, all in Acrobat format.

We encourage you to contact us with any project you may have.